Staff Spotlight: Ashlee Hill

Casanda Anderson

Senior Reporter

This edition of the Staff Spotlight shines on Ashlee Hill, student success navigator for the College of Arts & Sciences and leader of the hip-hop line dancing classes offered in Stark Recreation Center.

Q: What does it mean to be a "student success navigator"?

A: “I advise the freshmen in the Arts & Sciences department, with the exception of the music majors who have a faculty advisor. I also monitor the students in this college that are on probation and those who get an early alert.” 

Q: What classes do you teach here at the W?

A: “I teach hip-hop line dance classes here at the W, where I introduced this form of workout class to the campus recfit classes.”

Q: Do you have any background experience in teaching dance?

A: “I am from Cleveland, Ohio, and there, line dancing is a part of our culture. I have been line dancing since the 5th grade. Because of that, I decided to teach dance. I formally taught line dancing when I came to The W in August of 2014, but I have previously taught others before then.”

Q: What are some goals you wish to achieve during the spring semester?

A: “This semester, I plan to increase attendance and participation to the program, bring new classes, provide different music and for the participants to learn 10 different line dances by memory.”

Q: What advice do you have for individuals wanting to pursue their passion in teaching dance as it pertains to nutrition and health?

A: “If you want to become a dance instructor, determine your niche or genre, how to go about doing your class so that they continue to come, establish a rapport and to simply be creative.”