Ellard takes over job as university's new CFO

Umisha KC

Mark D. Ellard has an impressive resume. The recently appointed Vice President of Administration and Chief Financial Officer has worked in the Alabama Community College System for more than 20 years in various roles.  Prior to that, Ellard worked as a state college auditor. He is also a big Rush fan, a drummer and a certified public accountant.

Kingdom Hearts III' does not disappoint

Kingdom Hearts III' does not disappoint

Elliot Hatch
Managing Editor and Game Reporter
Screenshot of Hatch’s Gameplay

Square Enix has officially released the latest installment of the convoluted storyline that is the “Kingdom Hearts” saga. The 2019 release of this highly-anticipated game caused a huge stir in the gaming community. The release itself resulted in cheers, arguments and everything in between.  During the first week of its release, “Kingdom Hearts III” sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.