Himalayan Tigers, IV League win IM volleyball championship

Anush Aryal


The Himalayan Tigers and IV League won The W’s Spring 2017 intramural volleyball championship.

The Himalayan Tigers lost their first set 10-21 then beat SC 10-21, 21-15, 21-10 and 21-6 in the final sets of the men’s volleyball championship. IV League defeated Lockhearts 21-14 and 21-17 to claim the women’s championship.

“We are happy to become the champions,” said Ankit Dhakal, a member of the Himalayan Tigers. “The way we fought back in the game after going down in the first set proves that we are deserved winners. We are very thankful to the people in the intramurals for organizing the tournaments like this and giving us the opportunity to enjoy the game.”

This was one of the most successful tournaments for MUW’s intramural leagues.

“In terms of competitiveness, this was one of the best tournaments we have had in the recent past,” said Laura Emelio, office assistant and intramural supervisor at The W.

Coach Rita Higgenbotham, director of intramural sports, hailed the spirits in which the matches were played.

“Overall, it was a very good tournament,” said Higgenbotham. “There were fewer teams but the matches lived up to the expectations in terms of the competitiveness and were played in very good spirits. All the teams put in the hard work, and the best team won across both divisions. I always emphasize on the overall teamwork, but we came across some very talented spikers in the college, and there are a few players who can go places if they keep up with their hard work and get proper guidance.”

Four men’s and four women’s teams participated in the tournament, which lasted more than a week. All of the matches were played in the adapted volleyball court inside Pohl gymnasium.