Audacity presents 3rd Annual Dance Palooza

Robert Scott


Dance Palooza is an annual event hosted by Mississippi University for Women’s Audacity Dance Team. The event will take place Dec. 2 at 7 p.m. in Nissan Auditorium.

This year, Dance Palooza will be held in honor of Taboris Smith and Janiqua Williams. Taboris and Williams have ichthyosis and muscular dystrophy, respectively. Audacity and the other participants are hosting this event to raise awareness for these diseases. Kelvin Cockrell, one of the performers, shared some information about the event and explained the purpose behind it.

Q: What exactly is Dance Palooza?

A: “It is an event that Audacity hosts every year. It is to raise awareness for the skin condition Ichthyosis. It is mainly a dance event, but we have different people come in and do different things.”

Q: What role do you have in Dance Palooza?

A: “I am a dancer in the show.”

Q: What has been your favorite experience while working on the show?

A: “Just the overall process of working towards Dance Palooza. Also, this is only my second year being involved, but I have made some very close friends. I have grown close to the other members of Audacity, and we are like one big family.”

Q: What can people expect from this year’s show?

A: “More. We have the same things going on as last year, but we also have more people coming to tell their stories. We not only have people sharing their stories about Ichthyosis, but also people with different experiences. Our main goal is just to help people be comfortable with who they are. The dancing is fun and all, but the message is what we really want people to take away from the show.”

Special guests include LCDC, Dancing Dimonds, High Def, Royal Essence, Natosha Devon, Dazzilng Darlings, Delta Phi Delta and Elite Modeling Squad.

Tickets are $3 in advance and $5 at the door.