Accessories? More Like Necessities!

Asia Duren


The Mississippi weather has been crazy lately, but it is finally feeling like spring. So how does a person transition from winter to spring in such a short time? I asked several students what accessories are absolutely needed to transition into spring and here are the results.

“You can wear scarves during every season! I love that I don’t have to give them up just because it’s a little warmer outside,” said Lindsey Brooke Cain, a freshman psychology major.

Cain describes her style as very comfortable and not super trendy. However, she knows that all she needs to dress up an outfit is a scarf. Scarves are definitely a fashion staple for every person’s wardrobe.

Others focus on footwear.

“I love booties. I know it isn’t winter anymore, but I don’t care. You can transition from winter to spring seamlessly when wearing booties,” Sarah Mouton said.

Mouton, a sophomore political science and history double major, is obsessed with a good shoe. Booties have been trending the past few years, but we are seeing them more often in the spring and summer months paired with cut off shorts or long peasant skirts.

For some, one of the best spring accessories also harkens back to another generation.

“The must-have accessory of the spring has got to be round sunglasses that are reminiscent of the 70s, and the best part is that you can wear them year round,” said Merika Carr, a junior public health education major.

Carr is already displaying the vintage sunglasses trend around campus.

All kinds of vintage clothing are making a comeback, so go through your grandparent’s closets or to the thrift shop because this spring and summer it is all about the retro.

Fashion is not just for girls, either. Johnathan Shedd, a freshman graphic design major, said there is no excuse for guys to not be fashionable.

“Guys just need to step out of their comfort zones and not care what people think,” said Shedd.

While all of these are awesome ideas about what to wear for spring, remember that the best accessory is always a smile and a good attitude.