5k run sure to Light up the Night during Homecoming

Tevin Arrington

Senior Reporter

In connection with the 2015 homecoming events, the Stark Recreation Center is putting on its annual W 5k run on March 27 at 8 p.m.

This year’s theme is sure to have runners glowing in the dark. The title for this year’s race is GloW5k. As the name suggests, this year’s theme is all about encouraging participants to dress up in their brightest neon apparel for the big race.

Silvanus Johnson is a participant in the 5k race. Johnson has ran in several 5k’s, and GloW5k will be his second time racing for the W.

“It sounds like it is going to be very fun to say the least, I hope they bring a good challenge,” said Johnson.

Runners will line up in front of the Stark Recreation Center for the run, which will start at 8 p.m.  To go along with the glow theme, all of the participants will be supplied with a neon T-shirt. There will also be glow stations set out throughout the course of the run.

“We’ve tried to come up with a bunch of things that you can deck yourself out in that glow. So when you finish the race, you just going to be glowing from head to toe,” said Hailey Carpenter.

This includes neon bracelets, light-up glasses and many more bright items for runners to wear while completing the run.

Runners can also look forward to live DJs, who will be stationed both at the starting line and throughout various destinations during the course of the run.

Passport to Wellness has once again collaborated with the Stark Recreation Center to provide them with all of the glow gear for every runner.  LeAnn Alexander, director of campus recreation, notes it is fortunate to be partnering with them on another project.

“We have the same mission, pretty much, to create healthier lifestyles. It’s been a great partnership, [Passport to Wellness has] helped tremendously on several projects, and I’m grateful for them,” said Alexander.

Alexander and company utilized every form of media to increase the number of participants involved in the race. Flyers have been plastered all over town and on campus, as well as reaching out to local news station WCBI.

Alexander appeared on the morning new show “The Sunrise,” in hopes of drawing more people to the event.

Alexander’s goal is to have up to 75 runners participating in the race.

“Tell [participants] to bring their positive energy. Sign Up! Sign Up! Sign Up! And follow us on Facebook and Instagram to get more updates on the race,” said an eager Alexander.