Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Cumberland

Daysha Humphrey

Campus Editor

Jonathan Cumberland, assistant professor of graphic design, is an alumnus and faculty faulty member here at the W. He received a BFA in graphic design in 2009. Cumberland is originally from Caledonia, Miss., and is proud to be a part of the Long Blue Line this homecoming. In addition, he is looking forward to the “Memories of the W” exhibition, which will show some students’ art work from the past years during homecoming week.

Q. Why were you interested in becoming a student here at the W?

A. “Well, for my first visit on campus, I had the opportunity to meet with a few of the faculty members. They showed me around the building, Shattuck Hall at that time, and I felt an instant rapport.” 

Q. What was your experience like here at the W?

A. “My experience at the W was very rewarding and the expense of a lot of hard work on my part. I remember working long hours at night preparing for those 8 a.m. critiques.”

Q. What did the W teach you as a college student?

A. “Do not be scared to ask a question.”

Q.  What advice will you give to students who are considering attending the W and/or who are already students W?

A. “You should take advantage of every opportunity.”

Q. I am aware that the art department is having an alumni art exhibition. Explain to me what this event consists of?

A. The art of five W graduates will be featured in the Alumni Invitational exhibition at the Mississippi University for Women Galleries. The five artists are Aneesha Baldeosingh ’09, Shirley Boudreaux ’11, Cathy Dailey ’90, Jill Hammes ’76, and Jill Shoffiett ’96.

Q. Who will be there and when will it be held?

A. These Long Blue Line members will be honored with a reception that is free and open to the public. It will be held March 27 from 4-6:30 p.m. during the W’s Homecoming.