Alumni Weekly

Daysha Humphrey



Tina Rogers is a proud alumnus of Mississippi University for Women. She is originally from Indianapolis, Ind., but moved to Columbus, Miss., with her family and pursued her education here at the W. She is currently working at the W as the Coordinator of Online Students in the Business Department. Here, she talks about the W and her experiences as a student here.


Q: What year did you graduate and with what major?

A: “I graduated in 2012, and I majored in Legal Studies.”


Q: How was your experience as a college student here at the W?

A: “I loved it because it was a lot of interacting with the instructors. All the instructors made you feel important. It was a good school, and the program I was in was a good program.”


Q: How did your experience at the W benefit you after you graduated and entered the real world?

A: “It allowed me to be greater. I speak and interact with people more, and it taught me to be strong and precise. There were useful skills at the W. “


Q: What did the W teach you as a college student?

A: “Never give up and never take no for an answer.”


Q: Explain different opportunities that the W has to offer.

A: “It offers a lot of social programs. The one-on-one time with the professors is the most important thing to me. Also, being able to speak directly with your professors inside the classroom is great. The W does not discriminate when it comes to age. Anyone can get involved in anything, no matter how old you are.”


Q: What advice will you give to students who are currently enrolled at the W?

A: “You have to keep your end of the bargain. Instructors are here to help, but you have to do what you have to do. Get to know people on campus, interact, join social clubs and participate in events and have fun.