New MUW car tags available

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The newly designed MUW specialty car tags are now available.


The W used the same car tag design for the past 20 years. The new design features a large “W,” along with the university’s website address. It also features the words “Long Blue Line.”


The new tag was designed by the MUW University Relations Department.


“The university worked closely with the state Department of Revenue to ensure the design met all state requirements,” said Maridith Geuder, executive director for University Relations.


Creating this new design was one part of MUW’s plan for branding. This aspect uses the traditional “Long Blue Line” logo in a very recognizable way.


The alumni of MUW have been known as the “Long Blue Line” for years due to dark blue uniforms students were required to wear when the college first opened. History, tradition and pride are what is remembered when the slogan “Long Blue Line” is mentioned.


Both the old tag and the new tag used the “Long Blue Line” logo.


MUW says that the tag will be easily recognized. That way any person who passes by a student or university supporter with a W car tag will think of the university.


Multiple students, faculty members, etc., reviewed the design for the car tags and were in favor of the change.


Each car tag costs $51, and $31.50 of it goes right back to MUW to support the university. It takes about two weeks from the date ordered until the date the tag will be received.


Any person can show their pride in or support for MUW by purchasing one of these tags. Alumni, faculty and students are especially encouraged to buy them.


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