National Public Health Week celebrated at MUW

Julessa Oglen

Managing Editor

The Department of Health and Kinesiology at MUW hosted National Public Health Week on campus from April 7-11 to educate students on the benefits of healthy living.

This years theme, “Public Health: Start Here,” focused on raising public health awareness.

 National Public Health Week is for communities, campuses and organizations across the United States to recognize the contributions of pubic health and highlight issues that are important for improving the health of the nation.

“The events this week are meant to start educating our campus and the surrounding Columbus community on health issues related to cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity, as well as,  maternal and child health preparedness,’ said Katie Cranston, health and kinesiology instructor. 

Public health classes encourage diverse populations to make health a priority and adopt healthy behaviors through health education and by creating an environment in which they can be healthy.

“In academia, we want our students to be successful, and educating them about the importance of their health is one way to help put them on that path to success,” said Cranston.

“Individual health is important for not only prolonging life but also for increasing quality of life. Health is also linked to other important aspects of life such as, education and productivity,” said Cranston.

Several events were held during the week.

“Get Out Ahead,” was held on Monday, April 7, in the upstairs gym in the Stark Recreation Center. Public health education student interns offered complimentary BMI Screenings and Blood Pressure Checks, and distributed Know Your Number Cards and pamphlets related to the importance of prevention of Obesity, Diabetes, and Cardiovascular Disease for individual and population health.

Careers in Wellness Coaching was held on Tuesday, April 8. Patricia Heflin gave a presentation about her career path to wellness coaching and the influence wellness coaches can have on the health and well-being of individuals and communities. 

Eat Well was held on Wednesday, April 9, at the Gazebo.  Public Health Education student interns offered a Choose My Plate and Portion Control Demonstration to show students, faculty, and staff the recommended food portions and proper servings using common household items.

The Miller-Burdeshaw Lecture was held on Thursday, April 10. This is an annual event hosted by the Department of Health and Kinesiology. This year Dr. Wingate from UAB presented “Life Course Perspective & Infant Mortality: A Context for Practice.” 

Disaster Preparation was practiced Friday, April 11, in the Pohl Gym. A guest speaker from the American Red Cross gave a presentation on Disaster Preparedness and provided examples of what should be in your Emergency Safety Kit.