Alumni Weekly

Daysha Humphrey


 Victoria Hargrove is a proud alumnus of Mississippi University for Women. She is originally from Columbus, Miss. Here, she talks about MUW and how she managed as a college student.

Q: When did you graduate from the W and with what degree?

A: 2013 in Nursing-ASN

Q: How was your experience at the W?

A: “Wonderful! I was able to grow as a person, an adult and a professional.”

Q: What did the W teach you as a college student?

A: “The W taught me that college is an awesome experience if you take advantage of it. College is a place where one can reach the next level of success and focus.”


Q: What are you doing now since you have graduated from the W?

A: “Since graduation, I have gone to pass the NCLEX, and became a registered nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital in Columbus. I am furthering my education and continuing striving to reach my goals.”


Q: Any advice for current MUW students?

A: “My advice to students is that you must prioritize. You have to remain focus and make sacrifices to get what you want in life.”