Campus renovations to take place this year

Zac Carlisle

Copy Editor

With any historic place, there are going to be upgrades. Recently, MUW decided to renovate Fant Memorial Library. Construction on that building is coming along smoothly. Now, MUW is continuing with campus renovations. This time the renovations will take place primarily in the residential buildings. These renovations will begin this semester, but one phase, the green space behind Kincannon and Jones Halls, began construction last semester.

Sirena Cantrell, interim dean of students and director of housing and resident life, said that the universitys plan was to create a welcoming environment for students.

We have been working on enhancements for several years. We are excited to see these enhancements taking place,she said.

This semester the renovations will consist of aesthetic items such as replacing fountains, installing blue awning and carpeting in the elevators.

The big-time renovations to the residence halls will take place this summer, beginning with historic Callaway Hall. Since Callaway is one of the oldest buildings on campus, it is in dire need of these upgrades.

The residence halls will receive new furniture plans, new microfridges, window treatments and upgraded lounges.

Also this summer, the halls will receive new interior painting, and the floors will be cleaned.

We need to see enhancements in the residence halls in order to have new students and returning students excited to live on campus,Cantrell said.

To some, the most important upgrade that will take place this year will be the Internet upgrades. The residence hallswired Internet will be upgraded to 1GB, which is roughly 10 times faster than the current version. The Wi-Fi will be upgraded to 300MB, which is three times faster than the current version.

This will all take place during the summer, but the renovations will continue into the fall. The type of renovations has yet to be determined.

Cantrell said she will meet with residents of the halls to review the upgrades and let them know what will happen.