BowTie For A Cause Gala

Velvet Case


The Student Government Association is hosting a grand gala in honor of the BowTie Cause organization.

This event will be held on Thursday, Feb. 27 from 7-11 p.m. in the Limbert Assembly Hall Ball Room (Cochran Ball Room).

Ticket prices are $8 for single tickets and $10 for couple tickets. Only 140 tickets are being sold, so people are encouraged to buy tickets soon.

Students from MUW, MSMS and the public are welcome to attend the gala. Each attendee must purchase a ticket, however.

Tickets can be purchased from any SGA member, in the SGA office in Cochran 203 or at the ticket table set up in the cafeteria lobby.

Two SGA Executive Board Members are using their unique talents to design and decorate the hall. Come expecting magical surroundings.

Attendees must wear formal attire, and a bowtie is preferred. Ladies are encouraged to incorporate a bowtie, as well.

The evening will include food, dancing, a raffle, and even a lesson on how to tie a bowtie.

It is projected that chicken fingers, pinwheels, finger sandwiches, spinach dip, fruit trays, meatballs, dessert and punch are on the menu.

Dance music throughout the evening will be provided by the campus radio station WMUW 88.5. The station will be providing a DJ to make sure the music keeps pumping.

The raffle will give participants an opportunity to acquire a bowtie that will be purchased from while supporting this work through the funds given.

The SGA hopes to raise at least $500 from this event to be donated to the BowTie Cause organization.

The purpose and history of BowTie Cause will be explained by a designated speaker, to be determined. 

The BowTie Cause organization was founded by former NFL player Dhani Jones, and it raises money and awareness for more than 30 charitable organizations.

“I heard about BowTie For A Cause while watching the World Series. During every game, FOX sports would have one of their reporters wearing a BowTie and they would do a 30 second segment on “BowTie For A Cause.” I was intrigued by this because for one I love bowties and simply because it had to be something special if athletes and reporters were promoting it,” said Timothy Mbogo, SGA leader and accounting major.

Visit for more information on this organization.