Holiday Movies

Evan Fox        


This December has a movie worth watching come out every weekend. It is shaping up to be an expensive month for avid theatre-goers. This list will cover the first two weekends.

The first weekend, Dec. 6, sees the release of two notable films: “Inside Llewyn Davis” and “Out of the Furnace.” “Inside Llewyn Davis” is a Coen brothers’ film that follows a singer/songwriter who experiences New York in the 1960s. It has won many awards and is most likely going to be a contender for the Best Picture Oscar.

“Out of the Furnace” stars Christian Bale as a man looking for his brother, who has been kidnapped by criminals after failing to take a fall in a rigged fight.

The second weekend, Dec. 13, has three major films release.

“American Hustle” is directed by David O. Russell (“Silver Linings Playbook,” “The Fighter”) and stars Christian Bale, Bradley Cooper, Amy Adams, Jennifer Lawrence, and a slew of other big-name stars. It is a crime-drama following two hustlers who are forced to work for the F.B.I.

“Saving Mr. Banks” is about Walt Disney’s attempts to get the rights to make “Mary Poppins” from the author P.L. Travers. It stars Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson and Paul Giamatti. The trailers for the film look very interesting and promise the traditional Disney magic that has been lacking in a few of the company’s more recent films.

The final film on the list is the biggest tent-pole film of the month: “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug.” The film continues the epic saga and follows the group as they reach the mountain and confront the dragon Smaug. Notable additions to the cast include Orlando Bloom returning as Legolas, Evangeline Lilly as a new elf (new for the film, as her character did not exist in the book), and Luke Evans (Fast 6) as Bard the Bowman.