What do you do for final exams?

What do you do for final exams?

By Latoia Wiley


The Spectator wondered how students are preparing for final exams, which happen just two weeks after Thanksgiving. Here’s what some students told us:

 “I've been resting and studying as much as possible because I know rest plays a huge role in the materials I retain,” said Dennis Oliver.

 “Organization has been a very key component in me getting prepared for finals. I have taken the time to map out my study time for them because being involved with work and other organizations can make it difficult for me to prepare for them.  Hopefully this tactic works in my favor,” said Cassandra Hogue.

 “I haven't been doing anything to prepare for finals, but if I were to prepare for finals, I’d look over my notes from previous material discussed in class, and if possible gather some old tests and make myself a study guide. Just look over it everyday. It's also important to know your grade in the class before you go in to take an exam. It could make or break you,” said Chelsie Stevenson.

“I prepare the same as another test. I just study earlier and longer than I normally would. That’s the only difference for me,” said Jacob Ford.

 “Studying  and resting,” said Shanderica Thompson.