MUW's first Reindeer Run

Jessica Doss


On Thursday, Nov. 21, some of Santa Claus’ reindeer were running around campus, but you didn’t have to call the North Pole because it was for a good cause.

Erin Dollars, a graduate student assistant, helped develop MUW’s first-ever “Reindeer Run.”  The purpose of this event was to help a local church food bank provide food for families who are in need during the holidays.

Dollars worked together with Irene Pintado, assistant professor and coordinator of M.S. in the health education program, to make this run different.

The run was open to the public, and it didn’t cost anything, but canned goods or anything that would make a meal were greatly appreciated.

MUW students, professors and Columbus citizens participated in the run. Reindeer gear, Christmas lights, bright clothing and many other things were used to make this event bright and exciting.

Running  along with everybody else was a judge, scoping out who had the best Christmas spirit, best reindeer gear and who ran the fastest.

“Dr. Pintado and I thought this would be a good way to help those in need for the holidays,” said Dollars.

It was a choice between one female and one male to win the grand prize of a $10-dollar gift card. The race started in front of Fant Memorial Library and the course wound around Reneau Hall, passed Parkinson and Painter Hall, zoomed by the dorms and concluded back at the library.

Nancy Reeves, a resident from Columbus, came out to participate in this colorful event.

“I brought my granddaughter to see the lights and the costumes,” said Reeves. “I also came for the donations, and I needed the exercise.”

The adults were almost more excited than the kids, and it was something for the whole family to do together.

“I came because I knew it was for a good cause and I wanted to dress in my colors,” said Jordan Patterson.

There were many people who came out and participated. Because of the great turnout, Pintado and Dollars are looking to make this an annual event.