Layering in Miss.

Reagan Graham


Living in Mississippi during the winter months has taught us that no matter how long we live here we’ll never be able to determine the weather from day to day.

Last week, I had to wear fleece-lined leggings under my skinny jeans just to survive the frigid chill during the 30 foot walk from my car to the inside of my work. The next day I was outside running around playing disc golf in a tank dress and ankle boots feeling like I was posing for a Free People ad.

While it is easier just to throw on a coat over a baseball tee and wait in agony for summer to arrive again to finally break out your favorite tank top and cut-off’s, there are many things you can do to still look stylish and feel cool during these few cold days that we have.

The winter season is my favorite time of the year, partly because of all the dark and warm clothing that is associated with winter and my personal favorite, layering. It’s probably the Mindy Kaling of winter style, a.k.a. super cool, and she loves a good cupcake.

The layering style I prefer the most is a fun oversized sweater that feels good over a long dress. In the picture I have here, I dressed my friend K.W. in a Piko sweater, which you can get many different styles and colors of Piko’s at Libby Story in Starkville for about $28, and she’s wearing it over my favorite dress which is a mauve tulle tank dress I got from Deep South Pout on sale for $10. Throw on a hat or a headband and your favorite biker boots to achieve this look. It’s always a great idea to accessorize, so add multiple long layering necklaces and bracelets can also help to tie this outfit together.