Man on the Street

Man on the Street: Do You Believe in Life After Death?

Katie Funderburk and Morgan Harberson
Broadcast Editor and Reporter

“I do believe in life after death because I, for one, was raised in church my whole life and my mother had cancer when I was a child. She was put into remission. I also had cancer when I was 15 and was put into remission shortly after I was diagnosed. I have had many family who I have seen miracles through them. I just know in my heart that there is life after death.”

-Lydia Lowery, Sophomore, Music Therapy major

Spectator Sound-Off: What does Black History Month mean to you?

Frederick Brown


This week marks 90 years since Carter G. Woodson first promoted the idea of Negro History Week as a chance to honor and celebrate the struggles and accomplishments of the African-American community. It would take 43 years for it to become a full month and another seven after that before the government recognized it as such. In this week’s Spectator Sound-Off, students were asked what Black History Month meant to them.