Man on the Street: Do You Believe in Life After Death?

Katie Funderburk and Morgan Harberson
Broadcast and Online Editor and Reporter
Photos by Katie Funderburk


“I do believe in life after death because I, for one, was raised in church my whole life and my mother had cancer when I was a child. She was put into remission. I also had cancer when I was 15 and was put into remission shortly after I was diagnosed. I have had many family who I have seen miracles through them. I just know in my heart that there is life after death.”

-Lydia Lowery, Sophomore, Music Therapy major


“I believe that once we die that if you gave your life to the Lord and confessed your sins … He will grant you everlasting life.”

-Antavious Belgrave, Junior, Kinesiology major


“I believe that when they die they go to heaven.”

-Tya Shorter, Freshman, Speech Language Pathology major


“I do believe in life after death. I had cancer when I was younger. Multiple times, and I survived it each time. And I have seen the miracle.” -Mikayla Abbott, Freshman, Nursing major