Celebrating International Night

Ansley Dale

At Mississippi University for Women, International Night is a time for students of all backgrounds to share their experiences of culture with their classmates and peers.

Students who are a part of the Nepalese Student Association (NSA) and the International Student Association (ISA) get together and put on a show for the public displaying the traditional dances, music, poetry and clothes of their respective countries.

Students spend a majority of the semester preparing for the fun-filled night and, by showtime, they have put in an incredible amount of time to make their performances perfect. 

“International Night is the biggest event for the International Student Association and the Nepalese Student Association,” Tashi Gurung, the president of the ISA and the NSA, said. “It takes a lot of hard work to make it finally happen.”

Gurung said that this night is very important for the students participating and for the community. Everyone is always excited to put this show together. 

“This is something I look forward to all year,” Bridget Pieschel, the sponsor for the ISA and the NSA, said. “I love being sponsor of the International Students Association because they bring just a liveliness.”

Pieschel said she appreciates the culture the international students bring to The W because it enriches the culture of the campus.

Other students agree that International Night is a wonderful way for them to understand and appreciate the cultures of their international friends.

“I had so much fun at International Night,” said Ikeyreiah Harris, a freshman at The W. “I loved seeing all the clothes and dances, and the music was great. I really hope the show is just as great next year.”

This was Harris’ first International Night, and she was impressed and amazed at the cultural diversity of The W and is already looking forward to coming back again next year.