Kingdom Hearts III' does not disappoint

Elliot Hatch
Managing Editor and Game Reporter
Screenshot of Hatch’s Gameplay

Square Enix has officially released the latest installment of the convoluted storyline that is the “Kingdom Hearts” saga. The 2019 release of this highly-anticipated game caused a huge stir in the gaming community. The release itself resulted in cheers, arguments and everything in between.  During the first week of its release, “Kingdom Hearts III” sold more than 5 million copies worldwide.

The story starts off with the protagonist, Sora, having lost his memories and most of his power gained over the course of his life. It’s the player’s responsibility to traverse through iconic Disney worlds to rediscover Sora’s power and light. “Kingdom Hearts III” jumps right into the action at Mount Olympus, bypassing the lengthy intro of previous installments.

Many things about this game are comparable to the earlier releases in the series. The controls are floaty in main gameplay, making Sora’s character feel light and easy to control. Combat is incredibly similar, but with some new added aspects that make the whole experience feel reinvigorated. Square added many powerful finishing moves called “attractions” that pay homage to beloved Disney Park rides.

Unfortunately, some aspects of the game have not translated well for me. The dialogue has the same points as all the previous games, which makes it feel nostalgic. Gamers can overlook bad aspects of a favorite game because that nostalgic feeling is so strong. “Kingdom Hearts III” is no exception to this, and sometimes the dialogue comes across awkward. Characters pause for dramatic amounts of time that don’t make sense, and other sentences are emphasized in strange ways.

With the good comes bad, but there’s much more to praise than berate about this game. The visuals are stunning and mirror their respective worlds beautifully. The characters fit in well and give players a new horizon to explore. The game is light most of the time, but has heavier undertones of the looming plotline which adds depth. I believe it’s an effective sequel to “Kingdom Hearts II.”

“Kingdom Hearts III” is definitely not a disappointment, and I happily give it an 8/10.