Endless cups of coffee, love and procrastination

Summer King
Photo by Natalie Runyon

My 9-year-old self discovered a joy in missing school- the 10 a.m. time slot of Gilmore Girls. This sitcom of a spunky single mom and her brilliantly witty daughter Rory helped to guild my path and shape my sense of humor.

Now, the smell of coffee permeates through the walls. The clock ticks closer to morning. Gilmore Girls plays in the background, and Netflix kindly asks if I am still there. Yes, thank you. I am here. Yes, I would like to continue. I need a visual reminder that it is possible. That school is possible. Editing is possible. Keeping up with the internship at church is possible. With Jesus, Rory and a strong cup of coffee anything is possible. Even meeting these fast approaching deadlines. Or passing these tests. Or accomplishing anything at all in these remaining days I have until my time is up at the W.

I’ve discovered a whole new world in this field of communication. This has also opened many doors in my life already. A passion for film and photography has emerged in me. How awesome is it to use talents God has given me to create visual love for others to see?

MUW might not be Yale, but there are other similarities in the lives of Rory Gilmore and myself. Like her, I am also the editor of the school newspaper. I fell in a sort of love with procrastination. Honestly, it’s a toxic one-way relationship that has gotten me this far. Why stop the adrenaline rush now? I find myself juggling my education, my work at church and my social life. These are reflected in Rory’s struggle to balance her life of school and relationships. When Rory gets overwhelmed, like I find myself at times, she grabs her favorite book. Like my role model, I reach for my favorite book, my bible and a steaming cup of coffee. I know that if Rory can— I can.