Leadership thrills with circus-themed mystery dinner

Jessica McHenry


The W Leadership program held a free event for students at the gazebo on April 21 to encourage students to get involved with others.

“A Thriller at the Big Top” was a huge success for the W Leadership program. Those who volunteered to perform in the event were given a character name and a list of secret objectives to figure out who murdered one of the characters.

“We have done [a murder mystery] for the past three years,” says Allie Chesnut, a council member of W Leadership.

Throughout the event, students engaged in conversations with new people and were challenged to use their social skills to solve the murder case. 

After participants completed their objectives and submitted their accusations, the identity of the murderer was revealed.

Concessions were available for the duration of the event. Lemonade, nachos, hot dogs and other snacks were provided.

Students enjoyed the event and hope to see similar events in the future.

“My favorite part was the end when you figured out who did it,” said Summer Morris, a first-year communication major at The W. “I was the only one who got it right.”

In previous years, the event pulled in a higher number of students, but because of the warm weather, there was a decline in attendance.

This didn’t stop anyone who did attend from having a good time.

W Leadership plans to continue hosting yearly murder mystery events.

Those interested in joining W Leadership can apply in the fall. Applications for council members will be available before graduation.