Must-watch movies coming this holiday season

Price Hughes


The holidays bring us some of the biggest movie releases of the year, and these are four releases over the next few months that you absolutely must go see.

1. “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” – Opens on Dec.  15: The title says it all for this movie. I mean, it’s “Star Wars.” Do I really need to say anything more than that? The greatest movie franchise of all time returns with its eighth saga. It will pick up where “The Force Awakens” left off. Rey has finally found Luke Skywalker. Will he train Rey to be a Jedi, or will his past training experience cause a conflict? All the while, Leia, Finn, Poe and Chewy, among others, continue their fight against the evil First Order. To say you must go see this is an understatement. It’s a movie you can’t miss.

2. “Justice League” – Opens on Nov. 17: For the first time ever, we finally have a live-action Justice League movie. This is one of the greatest, if not the greatest, superhero teams ever, so I couldn’t be more excited about this film. Following the events of “Batman vs. Superman,” Batman has decided to get a team together to fight the coming darkness, but it isn’t going to be easy. Wonder Woman already stands beside him, but he still needs Aquaman, Flash and Cyborg. Hopefully he can unite the League before the evil Steppenwolf arrives. Of course, Superman will make an appearance, but we just don’t know when. “Batman vs. Superman” was not received well by critics. However, DC Comics is really hoping that “Justice League” will have better reviews.

3. “Black Panther” – Opens on Feb. 16, 2018: Although this movie will not be released until 2018, it is still worth including because this is so highly anticipated, and it’s one that you need to know about. Fans everywhere have been looking forward to this movie since it was first announced by Marvel in 2014. We caught our first glimpse of Black Panther on the big screen in “Captain America: Civil War,” and he did not disappoint. Chadwick Boseman stars as T’Challa, also known as Black Panther. After the events of “Civil War,” he is now the king of the technologically advanced African nation of Wakanda, and he will do anything to protect his home. He’ll be busy because Wakanda is a nation that’s on every villain’s list.  

4. “The Shape of Water” — Opens on Dec. 8: This is a movie that, unlike the first three, you might not have seen the trailers or be familiar with it yet. It’s from one of the best directors in the business, Guillermo del Toro. That’s reason enough to go see it right there. It’s 1962, and the main character, Eliza, works in a high-security government lab. She has led a very boring life until one day she stumbles upon a top-secret government project that will change her life forever.