Social clubs begin recruiting new members

Liz Bosarge


On Thursday, Sept. 10, Mississippi University for Women's four-year social clubs begin their process of recruiting new members. 

Applications for the clubs are still available and can be picked up in Room 204 of Cochran Hall. The D'Belle, Highlander, Rogue, Lockheart, Silhouette, Mam'Selle, Reveler and Troubadour social clubs are a long-standing tradition. Blacklist, a two-year social club, started 101 years ago. Lockhearts and Rogues started in 1938, and the youngest club on campus, D'Belles, was founded in 1962.

"The social clubs are important because they give you a sisterhood away from home that you can go to and count on them," said Kendall Robertson, assistant director of Student Life, "and those friends will literally last a lifetime because you become sisters."

"I want to get used to The W and make new friends, and the best way to do that is recruitment and through rivalry," said nursing major and potential new member, Constenance Hackler. "Just doing a lot of events and just being a part of the campus and involved on campus."

The two-year social clubs have begun the new member process, which might feature students singing in the streets or walking around with paddles. 

"We are working on our feature night skit," explained biology major and potential new member, Sarah Kennedy. "The theme we have to work with is Harry Potter on the Death Star, with a special guest appearance by Batman."

Rivalry and Rush started on Monday, Aug. 31, with a serenade to the senior members and a backyard barbecue.

Rivalry is for people who want to join the two-year women's honorary social clubs on campus, such as Blacklist, Jesters, and Maskers. Juniors who want to pledge expressed their interest by serenading the senior members. The process includes the traditional "Stroll," where everyone evaluates the potential members as they march down Shattuck Lawn together.

"These Rivalries are one of the oldest traditions on The W's campus," said Robertson, who is also the Interclub Council Advisor. "This is a time for the seniors to see what juniors are interested in joining their club."

"I wanted to get used to The W campus, and a lot of these girls are really nice," expressed Brytni West, a biology member and potential new member.

"I got interested in the two-year social club because I wanted to get more involved on campus, and they look like fun," said Brittney Jefferson, a kinesiology major and potential new member. 

Rush involves the two local Greek fraternities on campus, Beta Kappa Tau (BKT) and Xi Delta Omega (Cobras). Their new member process includes an Open House party and a Game Night.

"Rush is really a fun time for the guys to get to know the members, meet and eat," said Robertson.

Rivalry and Rush clubs give out their bids on Friday, Sept. 4. A bid is an invitation to join a particular club. It is the way the club lets the pledge know they were selected for membership.