Spectator Sound-Off

Ryan Savage


The selfie stick trend has extended itself to the top of the photography world. From friends wanting to take a group photo to adventurers at the tops of the tallest skyscrapers, this invention allows people to get everything they want inside their photo. Students and faculty were asked to comment on this new craze.

Q: What do you think about the selfie and the selfie stick?

"I'm guilty of taking selfies all the time. I document so much everyday, post it on Facebook... I think that selfies, in some ways, are a good thing. You do get to document everything, and every interesting thing you do during the day. At the same time, I think that we're all prone to taking too many selfies. Honestly, I never heard of the selfie stick until this year, and someone explained it to me. I think it's kind of silly." --Karen Thead, senior, Theatre

"I think that selfie sticks are pretty cool. They make it easier to take pictures - as long as someone is in the picture with me." --Emily Earnest, senior, Speech Pathology

"As far as selfies go, I don't really have an opinion. I just don't care. I think [selfie sticks are] good for certain events. Especially when we have things here, like the Glow 5K. The selfie stick allows my boss to get a better angle - to see how many people are there and put it on Instagram and Facebook." --Katie Newman, Master's program, Health Education

"Selfies, I think, are okay, but I think people really need to get some self-respect and stop using selfie sticks. They are ridiculous." --Patrick Morris, junior, Business Management Information Systems

"I'm an advocate for selfies. If I could take a selfie right now during this interview, I would. I'm buying [a selfie stick] this weekend." --Kelly Benford, sophomore, Communication

"I'm not too up-to-date with the iPhone, so I don't do selfie pictures. I guess the people that wanted to make selfies, it might be good for them." --Becky Morton, teacher, Child and Parent Development Center

"I think that people that do selfies all the time are conceited. I am not for the selfie stick. [...] My oldest son does MMA, and usually I have to sit in the very top just to capture it. So that would probably be beneficial." --Tonya Kliment, teacher, Child and Parent Development Center


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