Road to success

Monica Kizer


The Student Success Center's purpose is to provide students with useful services to ensure academic excellence in all of their courses.

"It's similar to healthcare, in which their job is to prevent injuries before they get out of hand. However, we try to prevent your grades from falling ahead of time," said Dr. David Brooking, director at the Student Success Center.

Through the Center, students have access to helpful resources, such as how to manage time and stress, how to take notes and how to improve studying skills. Students can also learn about test anxiety strategies, peer-to-peer tutoring, career services and many more tools that could benefit students.

"We listen to students for feedback, to see what their needs are," said Jennifer Box, a Student Success Center specialist. 

The Student Success Center provides employment information for career purposes.

"Students will experience the overall insight to the world of work," said Towanda Williams, a career specialist.

Students can learn how to be efficient in building resumes, employ proper business ethics and exhibit personal professionalism.

The Center is involved in a number of events on campus that take place outside its office.

For instance, the Student Success Center was involved in the recent "PRAM is Poppin'" event. It took place on Sept. 14 in the lobby of Cromwell. This was the Public Relations Association of Mississippi's student membership drive, and communication students were encouraged to take advantage of a student membership, which can be helpful in networking for jobs and internships.

The Common Reading Initiative (CRI) book club is also a part of the Student Success Center. This year's selected book is "Coming of Age in Mississippi," a 1968 autobiography from Anne Moody. 

Supplementary Instructions is another focus of the Student Success Center. The SSC hopes to help reduce withdrawal and failing rates through these resources.

"This program is proving that students gain a higher letter grade by attending these sessions," said Claudia Davis, student success coordinator.

Students can participate in two, one-hour classes per week. Supplemental Instruction courses offered through the SSC include History of Civilization, History of the US, Introduction to Philosophy, College Algebra, General Chemistry, General Biology, and Anatomy & Physiology I. 

For more information, students can visit the SSC's website or meet with them in person on the first floor of Reneau Hall.