How to: Reserve a space for an event on campus

Frederick L. Brown


Reserving buildings on campus for events can sometimes be difficult, especially if you are unaware of the process. Throughout the semester, there are a lot of fun activities and events produced for students and faculty. Social clubs and other organizations on campus go through a lengthy process of making sure that their events are well-planned.

Resources Management, located in Whitfield Hall, is the place to go for forms and supportive staff members who will help you find a location on campus for your event. The department deals with property matters, including apartments for faculty and staff. 

"The first step is to decide exactly what you are wanting to do," said Bridget Otts, Property Control and Resources Coordinator at The W. "Are you wanting to have an inside or outside event?"

Otts said that the process is easy and sufficient for students and faculty. However, she said it's a lengthy process because of the different channels through which you have to go. 

The second step is picking up a form, either from the Resources Management office or from the Student Life office, located in Cochran Hall. There is also the option of visiting the Resources Management website for an online form, located under the "Venues" tab. Under this tab, you'll find a list of different locations on campus and includes rental fees, seating capacity and deposits for the potential spaces. 

The third step, after picking up the form, is to fill it out in its entirety, and there are a couple of signatures required to make the event request official. The signatures required should come from the president of the organization, the adviser, and, finally, from the director of Student Life, who is Jessica Harpole. 

Once all signatures have been acquired and Student Life has accepted your proposed event, take the completed form to Resources Management. Resources Management then enters your event into its reservation system. 

Remember: when reserving a facility on campus, there is a time frame in which you need to let the staff in Student Life know exactly when, where and how long you need your event area. The time frame is 10 days prior to the event.

"That way, you have plenty of time for set-up needs," said Otts.