Hip-hop line dancing comes to the W

Chris Richardson


Two women have brought hip-hop line dancing to The W —  and they are hoping it is here to stay.

LeAnn Alexander, director of Campus Recreation, and Ashley Hill, Student Success Navigator for the College of Arts and Sciences, hosted the first class at Stark Recreation Center on Nov. 2 from 6-7 p.m. in the Aerobics Room. Alexander shared how the idea of the class was started.

 “[Hill] is from Cleveland ─ they do a lot of line dancing there ─ and I was telling her that it was so ironic that she wanted to do line dancing, because I’ve had students to come to me personally, saying we need a line dancing class, and so we just made it happen.”

The class was open to all ages, and both women were impressed by the turnout. Participants included faculty, staff, students, parents of students, community members and even children. Both Alexander and Hill showed the class how to do a variety of dances, such as the electric slide, the wobble and The Wop. 

 “I think we had a very good turnout,” Hill said. “More than what we expected ─ very, very packed class.”

Kailya Wilson, a sophomore nursing major, said her favorite part was the very end.

 “It was really crazy,” said Wilson. “I’m definitely coming back.”

Don’t fret if you missed the first class. They will host the class again each Monday at 6 p.m. throughout November, and both women are hoping that it will remain popular enough to be offered as a full-semester class in the future. While the class is free for those with current MUW ID, there is an $8 charge per class for those without an MUW ID.