Tupelo film festival includes works from those at The W

Patrick Wiggins

Select members of the cast and crew answer questions from the audience. Photo by Eric Wiggins.

Features Editor

Two students and an assistant professor from The W all took part in the Halloween Horror Film Festival in Tupelo on Oct. 23.

The festival was held at the Link Centre and included nine Halloween-themed shorts.

Ryan Savage, a junior communication major, appeared as the title character in "Leonard," a short that also featured Dylan Scott, another junior and communication major, as lead cinematographer.

"This is the first one that we've actually put into a film festival," said Savage. "We've done little shorts, and we also did work on a feature film about two years ago that we've finished up, but we have not yet put it into any film festivals."

Despite not winning any awards for their work on "Leonard", Scott said it was still a good experience.

"Overall, it was pretty good just to see it on a bigger screen," said Scott.

Lee Crouse, assistant professor of theatre, portrayed a character named Enzo in "Stagrassle Paranormal," a sitcom that is described as a mockumentary-style series chronicling the adventures of a ghost hunting team and the filmmaker following them, according to its Facebook page.

"I initially didn't submit for Enzo," said Crouse. "I submitted for two other roles, actually one other role. Then, they sent me two other roles to read and film and send back to them, and then, after that, they sent Enzo."

After sending in his audition, Crouse was invited to a callback where he read the part of Enzo and one other role. A few days later, he was offered the part.

"It was actually a lot of fun," said Crouse. "It was a relaxed, light atmosphere to work in. It was creative, and they allowed you to be creative, and because all of us got along right from the start, it was really easy bouncing things back and forth."

"Stagrassle Paranormal" was shown as a bonus film at the end of the festival and was not up for any awards. "Leonard" did not win any of the awards for which it was nominated, but that didn't worry Savage.

"This is part of what I want to do with my life as it is," said Savage. "I would do this a
 hundred times and never get tired of it."