Something Apple this way comes

Zac Carlisle


First of all, I would consider myself a geek. I love all things geeky such as video games, science fiction and most of all: new technology.

I wasn’t into technology until I bought my first iPhone. It was the iPhone 4, and I got it in 2012, which was a full two years after its release. After that, I was hooked. Now I spend several hours a day looking at YouTube channels that specialize in tech. My favorite channel is Marques Brownlee’s channel ( He is only 20 years old, but he is extremely knowledgable.

Anyway, Apple has scheduled an event for Sept. 9. This can only mean one thing: new iPhone. Each fall, Apple unveils a new edition of the popular smartphone. Usually every other year the new iPhone is given a new design and several new features. During the other years, the device is just given a performance improvement. Well, this year falls under the “new design” category.

The new device has been named the iPhone 6 by most journalists, YouTube personalities and everyday people. However, within the past year, Apple has been giving devices newer names such as the iPad Air. The iPhone 6 could be called something totally different. However, it will probably still be known as an iPhone.

There have been rumors and part leaks orbiting around the Internet for months now. We live in a time where nothing will ever be a surprise, which is kind of sad.

The new smartphone will most likely feature a new, slimmer, metal design with a 4.7 inch screen, but will probably retain the three colors: silver, space gray and gold. It would be nice if Apple unveiled a new color, but I don’t see that happening.

Another feature the new iPhone might have is NFC or Near Field Communication. This will allow the iPhone to be used as an electronic wallet and various other abilities.

Touch ID (fingerprint scanner) was introduced in the previous version, the iPhone 5S. It will most likely remain because it is extremely popular with consumers. It will more than likely be given a performance boost, and it will probably be incorporated with more third-party applications.

Speaking of software, Apple unveiled newer versions of its  mobile operating system, iOS, and its computer operating system, OS X, this past June. They were dubbed iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite. Last year iOS was given a total makeover which included new colors, application designs, etc. This time, however, the software was given a tremendous number of new features such as “continuity.” This is the term Apple is using to explain the Apple devices’ ecosystem. In a couple of weeks when iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite are released to the public, consumers will be able to seamlessly move from an iPhone to a Mac, Mac to iPad, etc.

Yosemite was given a newer user interface this time, which bears similarity to iOS. I personally love the new design, even though I don’t own a Mac.

During the Sept. 9 event, new versions of the iPad may be announced. The highly rumored “iWatch” may also make its debut.

Personally, I want to see a new iPhone, which will happen, and new features of iOS, which may or may not happen. 

It will be like Christmas morning for me, because I’ve been waiting for something like this since last year’s September event.

Apple’s events have always been highly publicized and anticipated, and this will no doubt be its biggest one yet.