Fall fashion ideas for men and women to beat the heat and impress

Reagan Graham

Campus Editor

Now that we have all started our fall semester classes, it’s very easy for some of us to roll out of bed 10 minutes before class starts and just throw on gym shorts and a t-shirt.

Although I have a very busy schedule, it is still important to me to be fashion forward and dress to impress.

My favorite combination for class is a skater skirt and a crop top. In the picture I am wearing a burgundy, spotted skater skirt I got from Deep South Pout for $28 and a black crop top from Brandy Melville for $16.

Another go-to outfit is a simple smock style dress with sandals. Smock style, or baby doll style, is a huge trend right now and is so comfortable. This is especially true for these smoldering summer days we’ve been having lately.

I also stopped and asked a very stylish friend of mine, Antonio Small, what his advice was for guys who are looking for something stylish to wear to class.

“Guys need a wardrobe that looks great, but don’t over do it with logos. Your style is a huge mode of communication, and you never know who you may meet so always be prepared. I normally buy my clothes off-season because it’s cheaper and there’s nothing wrong with getting your clothes on sale," said Small.

Small put together a great outfit featuring a button up shirt from American Eagle for $20 and a pair of simple shorts from JC Penny for $6.

Remember that buying off of the sale rack or visiting your local thrift store is always a viable location to find unique and stylish pieces. While we’re still battling with the summer heat, remember to dress lightly and comfortably for class.