Students use drum circle to relieve school stress

Mark Huerkamp



Mu Theta Chi, the Music Therapy Club, held a community drum circle outside Hogarth Cafeteria, Wednesday, March 5, to help students relieve stress and celebrate National Music Therapy Month.


The Music Therapy Club, led by senior music therapy major, Rayma Williams, handed out rattles, tambourines, bongos, rain sticks and drum paddles to anyone who wanted to blow off a little steam.


Williams, president of Mu Theta Chi and organizer of the event, said that drum circles not only relieve stress but boost self-esteem and the immune system, help control chronic pain, and improve overall mental health.


No drumming experience was required, all you needed to do was grab an instrument and join in.


“I myself am not a percussionist, but I have gone through two semesters of classes that included basic percussion techniques and how to facilitate drum circles,” Williams said.


Williams also helps coordinate drum circles at the annual MUW Community Health Fair experience from her participation in state and national music therapy conferences.


“It actually is relaxing, a kind of release because its fun and not pushed. Everyone has their own thing going on, I think its cool and relaxing,” said Richelle Lenoir, a freshman music major.


“I enjoyed myself,” said Quincy Hughes, a freshman graphic design major.


“It was a nice break from school,” said Maggie Grady, a sophomore pre-nursing major.


“I feel relaxed, yeah I feel good,” said Betsy Cunningham, a freshman biology student.


Even after 45 minutes of drumming, Molly Farrar, a junior music therapy major, was still enjoying it. She has wanted to practice music therapy since she was in high school.


“It combines everything I love into one,” she said.


Mu Theta Chi will attend the Southeastern Regional Music Therapy Conference in Mobile, Ala., on March 27-29 to learn more about drum circles and other music therapy techniques.