Savvy shoppers find good thrift store spring bargains

Reagan Graham



Most college students know what it is like to be on a budget, especially if they are living alone and having to pay their own bills. Try adding having a social life on the weekends, and you are pretty much broke until the next payday.


If you are anything like me and want to update your wardrobe once every couple of weeks, there are plenty of ways to do this without breaking your bank account.


Before you spend the big bucks on brand new clothes, always check the thrift stores first. I know this is something we always hear, but it really is the best place to get one-of-a-kind items for costs that are next to nothing.


One of my favorite pieces from my closet is a black velvet dress I got for $2 at the Palmer Home Thrift Store. I am such an advocate for velvet. If you can find it anywhere for a decent price, grab it up before it is gone. You never know what you can do with it! I also like to wear my favorite faux leopard print coat I got from the same thrift store over that velvet dress and add some chunky necklaces with it.


If you have searched through all the thrift stores and still are not content, Forever21 is always my go-to for trendy pieces that are affordable. You can usually get a whole outfit for about $20 and that could include jewelry, depending on what type of jewelry you are looking for.


Whenever I feel like channeling my inner Avril Lavigne, I will throw on my “skate bored” tank with some jean cut-offs and tie a plaid long sleeve around my waist. Just so it still looks girly,

I add a little statement necklace with it just to tie it together. I got all of these items from Forever21 together for less than $30.


Having your own style and finding affordable alternatives to expensive trends is always rewarding! Remember to check your local thrift stores before buying brand new items for your wardrobe. Stay local and always ask for deals when shopping. One persons trash will always be someone elses treasure.