The W’s new Master’s program

Daysha Humphrey


Mississippi University for Women is offering a new Master of Arts in women’s leadership this 2014 fall semester.

“This program brings everything together about women’s leadership. People who are leaders and who hold leadership positions in different areas should have some type of degree towards that specific area,” said Bridget Pieschel, Director of Center for Women’s Research and Public Policy

The women’s studies faculty developed this program to be multi-disciplinary, which should appeal to all academic areas on campus.

“This master’s degree is a way for people to tailor a master’s level, active project and specific research and the type of leadership that they want to develop,” Pieschel said.

The program is geared toward both women and men who are interested in leadership.

“A man can very well want a degree in developing women’s leadership and developing his own knowledge on how one best leads women and men,” Pieschel said.

The new master program is beneficial to students because it will be a master’s level course, which will enhance the academic levels of any student holding a bachelor’s degree.

“I urge people who are interested in the program to talk to me or another women’s studies faculty member and say ‘here is what I’m interested in,’” Pieschel said. “’Tell me what the program could look like for somebody like me.’”

The requirements for this program are the same as the other graduate programs on campus. However, to be accepted into the program the following must take place: three faculty members on campus will look at the student’s application and essay and interview the applicant.

For more information about this new Master of Arts program, please visit the program’s website at