Alumni Weekly: Tonya Cockrell

Daysha Humphrey


Tonya Cockrell from Columbus, Miss., is an alumnus of Mississippi University for Women. She studied nursing at the university, and said she learned valuable lessons while working on her degree.

Q: What year did you graduate and what was your major?

A: “I graduated in May of 2006, and I majored in Nursing-BSN.”

Q: How was your experience as a student at MUW?

A: “It was a great one. It was well-rounded. There were lots of fun activities available for students including intramural sports and Greek life. The W’s curriculum prepared me for my career path that I am taking right now, which is a nurse practitioner.”


Q: Since you have graduated from the W, what have you been doing with your life?

A: “Right now I am a registered nurse at Baptist Memorial Hospital. I will be transferring to a Family Nurse Practitioner in the middle of March. I will be working at a clinic in Starkville, Miss.”


Q: What have you learned from the W?

A: “The W taught me to persevere as a college student. No, it is not easy, however, the W has plenty of help for students to become a successful individual. It has different study skills that I took advantage of. The professors are there to help in any way, and it has students who tutor different subjects also. Basically, to persevere is what the W taught me.”


Q: As an alumnus, what advice would you give to current students who are attending or will be attending the W?

A: “My advice would be to make wise decisions. Wise decisions! I cannot stress that enough. Students have to make wise decisions about what they want for their future. There are many opportunities out in the world, and they must be pursued by you. No one can give you a free pass to success. You have to chase it yourself. So, make smart decisions. The W is not a traditional university. Enjoy the different things that the W has to offer, work hard, have fun, and take advantage of resources it has available.”