Do you prefer style or substance: Why not both?

Highly anticipated X-Men sequel

Evan Fox

Entertainment Editor

 This year looks to be a good year for theatergoers. Blockbusters and sequels are the main focus this year and, if the trailers are true to the final product, fans will be happy. Hollywood seems to be listening to the complaints its customers have had over the past few years.  

Blockbusters used to be all style, with only a paper-thin reason for all of the explosions. Any movie with a good story could still have action, but it was not the focus, only something to keep the plot moving. Now, the audience can have both in the same movie.

“Captain America: The Winter Soldier” is taking on the themes of terrorism and the morality of a strike-first military policy. The “Godzilla” reboot is going back to basics. It is focusing on surviving a literal force of nature while mankind is powerless against it. “X-Men: Days of Future Past” looks at the broken man Xavier has become, the darkness consuming Magneto, and the fight against a genocide ordered by humans consumed by fear.

Besides sequels and reboots, there are also a lot of original blockbusters to look forward to. “Interstellar” is a new Christopher Nolan film about a group of scientists entering a newly discovered wormhole. The trailer indicates mankind has not lost its drive to learn and achieve great things. “Transcendence” is Wally Pfister’s (cinematographer for almost all of Nolan’s films) directorial debut. It follows a scientist (Johnny Depp) who is uploaded into a computer to save his life. The film talks about the uses and dangers of artificial intelligence and the further evolution of man.

There are plenty of other films coming out this year, and many are shaping up to be great. Studios are striving for more quality material by mixing great stories and breathtaking effects. The early trailers look fantastic, especially for “Godzilla,” and the ensemble casts for all of the films add to the promise of quality. This year will be expensive for movie fans, but it will be worth it.