Blithe Spirit: Fun play for students, audience

Will Stennett

News Editor

The MUW theatre department will perform “Blithe Spirit” on Feb. 27, 28 and March 1 in the Cromwell theatre.

Written by Noel Coward, the play is about an author who conducts a séance in which he brings forth his first wife. The ghost of his wife then interferes with his current wife, who is very much alive.

MUW junior theatre major and assistant costume designer to the play, Leah Thompson, said she enjoys working with the period it is set in.

“It’s the 1930s, so I get to have fun with the glam makeup of that time,” she said. “You know, like the winged mascara. It’s important to have the contrast between the two leading characters. His first wife, Elvira, is vibrant and outgoing, while Ruth is more cold and practical.”

Costume design, set design and makeup are only half of what makes this performance so exciting. The actors and actresses had to train strenuously for their roles.

“It’s been challenging,” said Karen Alexander Thead, a sophomore MUW theatre major who plays the second wife, Ruth.  “We had to work with a dialect coach since it takes place in London. And we’ve also had to work with a movement coach to practice how people moved then.”

Katie Welch, a junior theatre major, plays Edith and has had to learn characteristics outside of her norm.

“It was interesting learning the quirks of Edith. I’m a laid back person, so it was interesting to learning how to be nervous, to play this maid, to learn her twitches,” said Welch.

Students said this has been an enjoyable production for the department.

“It’s been really fun,” said Thead.

“I love it,” said Welch.

Student tickets are $5 and general admission is $10. Tickets can be purchased before performances in the communication department from 9 a.m. until 1 p.m. Tickets will also be available at the theatre on the nights when performances are held.