MUW offers self defense course

Julessa Oglen

Managing reporter  

Defense stance…Ready…NO! Those were the words that were shouted during the Rape Aggression Defense class that I took last week. It was offered by MUW police officer and certified R.A.D. instructor Susan Hosinger and her daughter Sara Beth.

R.A.D. Systems of Self-Defense is a course of carefully selected defense tactics that empower women when they are faced in unfortunate circumstances.

The self-defense class was only offered to women and included three sessions. Only four people, including myself, took advantage of this opportunity.

I felt empowered during the sessions because I learned easy and quick defense moves that could be used if I am ever attacked.    

For the first session, I learned risk-reduction strategies, such as keeping my doors and windows locked, parking my car in lighted areas and something as simple as trimming my hedge bushes around the yard.

The second session was when I was able to pull up my sleeves and get down to business. I learned how to say “NO” and back it up with a defense stance.  The eye-opening information that I received was that my hands, elbows, knees, feet and head could be used as weapons.

I also learned how to use those weapons to defend myself — not to kill — but to defend.

Hosinger taught me how to block hits as well as how to counteract hits to hurt Stinky Bob, our imaginary bad guy.    

On the third and final session, I learned several ground defenses and how to get out of situations where I am not in control.

Overall, I feel more confident about walking in the dark by myself and even staying home alone while my fiancé is at work. I now have all the necessary tools that I need to defend myself without being overcome by fear and panic.

That is why I would recommend every woman on campus to take the self-defense course when it is offered again. Hosinger is also offering an advance R.A.D. course in the future, and I will be signing up for that class as well.