Halloween Town

Jessica Doss


Halloween Town was spreading all across the MUW campus on Oct.29. Celebrities, childhood favorites, and monsters flooded the inside of Limbert Assembly Room. It was the annual Halloween Dance Party, sponsored by the Student Programming Board and the Hearin Leadership Program.

The party was something for the students to do and bring them all together, from the freshmen to the seniors. The music brought the people to the dance floor, and they danced like the night was young. The turnout of costumes appeared to have increased over the years.

“This is my last year being in the Hearin Leadership Program, and I watched how the number of students has increased over the past years,” said Cassandra Hogue, a 22-year-old communication major.

The party gets better and better each year. This year it had costumes including Lil’Wayne, Neyo, Uncle Si, Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf.

“I’m glad to be a part of this program because things like this brings excitement to the campus,” Hogue said. “I think the students really enjoyed the party.”

Some didn’t come to dress up but they just came because their friends were there, and it was something for them to do.

“I came because it gave me a break from studying,” said Brittany Johnson.

Whenever they got tired from dancing, there was food and punch to be consumed. This kind of friendly fellowship make the party more enjoyable.

The person wearing the best costume left with a prize for the being the best in the crowd.

Around 10 p.m. the crowd start dying down, and everybody was getting tired. As peole exited the building, the campus started to look like a zombie town.

Even though this party is once a year, it is always a night to remember.