Man on the Street: So, how uneasy do student loans make you?

Will Stennett

News Editor

“I’m scared, but I do have loans which is good, because that is how I’m in school. I have a year left, and am hoping to go to grad school, but before then I will pay off all of my loans.” — Jasmine Johnson.

“Of course I’m worried about loans. I plan to go to occupational school when I graduate, so my dad and I will be paying on my loans during that time.” — Breana Butler

“I do have loans, and I am afraid. I plan to travel after I graduate and pay them off as I do.” — Regina Lyles

“I’m afraid of them because you never know how stable the job market will be after you graduate. I’ve taken out some but not too much where it is over my head. Right now, I’m going off of Pell Grants and things like that.” — Jamie Tracey

“Loans can be a good thing, but I don’t have them right now. I’m on scholarship, but honestly I can’t remember which one.” — Hasina Haynes