oktoberfest 2013 is once again a successful tradition

SPB members at booth. Photo by Desarea Guyton

Megan Withrow


Oktoberfest is a known tradition on the MUW campus that many people look forward to. It is a fun time of the year where students, faculty, alumni and families from around town come to enjoy the fall weather and the festival activities.

The Student Programming Board on the MUW campus sponsored this event, along with the help of other student organizations, on Friday, Oct. 18.

All of the student organizations had their own booths where they did different activities to raise money for either their own organization or to donate to a charity of their choice.

Cotton candy, caramel apples and hot wings were some of the tasty treats that someone could find throughout the different Oktoberfest booths this year.

Some organizations kept their tradition by continuing with their Oktoberfest booths from the past such as the Rogue Social Club’s jail, the Lockheart Social Club’s “Egg a Bow-Head” and the Jester Honorary Social Club’s face painting.

Another fun tradition many people look forward to seeing are the lovely ladies in red, white and blue of the Masker Washboard Band. Their performance at Oktoberfest is their first performance of the year, and they perform some of the MUW alumni’s favorite songs.

With Halloween around the corner, the Student Programming Board has its annual children’s costume contest at Oktoberfest in which children from all around Columbus come for a chance to show off their costumes and possibly win a gift card from a local frozen yogurt place in town. This year’s lucky winner was MUW’s Director of Housing and Residence Life, Sirena Spotts’ son, Brody, who was dressed to impress as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

 This year, Oktoberfest also had a live band performing called Surviving Allison, that is from Corinth, Miss. They not only played their own songs but also some of today’s popular hits, as well.