Restaurant Review: The Grill

Jessi Haga


Recently, I had the pleasure of visiting The Grill on Jackson Square, one of the local eateries in Columbus, with the intention of reviewing the restaurant for The Spectator.  I had already ventured into the establishment before, but I was informed the restaurant had undergone many menu changes, so I was curious to try it out.

I walked into the restaurant and instantly loved the modern remake of the bar and table areas.  The waitress was very helpful and attentive, even though there was also a party of about 30 people also in her section. When the food came, it was obvious the chef used very fresh ingredients and has a love of cooking.  I went with a good friend, and we ordered two main entrees, along with an appetizer that seemed to be very popular with other restaurant patrons.  I ordered the bayou chicken, which came with a side of mashed potatoes and a creamy crawfish sauce.  My friend ordered a pasta dish.  The food was wonderful, and we enjoyed the meal.

The prices were very comparable to the prices of other restaurants in Columbus.  A restaurant patron named Shea Watson spoke about how much he loved the salads at The Grill.

 “I can’t get enough of their house salad!  It even has corn in it,” Watson exclaimed, excitedly.                

 Overall, I would recommend this restaurant if you are looking for a place to celebrate with family and friends or just enjoy the many drink specials The Grill offers throughout the week and week-end.