New semester, the same old me

Umisha KC

Like most beginnings, the beginning of a new school year is a hopeful time. Summer is over, and whether you worked or you played, three months is enough time to make the memories of last semester seem hazy enough that you pull up to campus with high hopes and excitement coursing through your veins.

New school supplies, new schedule, and a brand new you: All ready to tackle the new semester. You envision yourself a smart, savvy student who will not fall into the traps of procrastination this time around- no siree, not this time. A new, updated version of the old you and four whole new months to bring it to life.

Think about how the gym is packed for the first few weeks of the new year or the new semester. Slowly, as the weeks roll by, people seem to fall off the wagon and get back to their ways. After all, old habits do die hard. Should that mean we don’t try at all?

Each semester I am hopeful. I can’t help it, I like the idea of doing better and being better, or at least trying to. Each school year I set goals. My goal during my freshman year was getting to know the new town (and a new country) that I was going to be calling home for the next four years: be it through cuisine or the local lingo. I was so good at following through with that goal that my subsequent goal in my sophomore year was losing the Freshman 15 (it’s real, y’all). My junior year I wanted to push myself socially so I went out and applied for jobs on campus that would require me to talk to people. I joined The Spectator as a reporter. I got a job as a tutor in the writing center and applied to be an RA on campus. I talked myself into talking to more people and pushed myself into leadership roles. I might have not done everything I wanted to, but I don’t regret a single thing. My goal for my senior and final year at The W is to not turn away any opportunity that might arise. It’s my last year here and although I can’t wait to graduate, I want to walk across that stage in May knowing I did not leave a stone unturned.

So, set your goals, dear reader. Paint yourself an ideal you’d like to achieve. Try, but don’t beat yourself up over any losses (my Freshman 15 is now my wholesome College 20). College is a time for self-discovery and adventures, so discover away!

Plus, the good thing about new beginnings is you can start any time and day. All you have to do is pause and decide to start afresh.

Remember, if something doesn’t work out the first time, there’s always next semester right around the corner with the promise of a new beginning.