Student Success Center

John Alex Nunnery
Freshman Reporter

Mississippi University for Women’s Student Success Center is a free service open to all students that helps navigate students toward their academic goals. Claudia McDavis, the assistant director of the Student Success Center, helped explain all the opportunities and goals the center hopes to provide for students who take advantage of its services.

“Our main purpose is to assist our students so they can stay on track academically and to ensure they have a resource they can come to so they are able to be successful,” McDavis said. “If a student needs assistance in intermediate courses such as College Algebra or in Statistics, they are assigned to an SI (Supplemental Instruction). This is where we have an outside student who is assigned to that particular class attend class periods and hold study sessions outside of the classroom.”

Along with supplemental instruction, the student success center also offers individualized tutor sessions for students in need. There is also a new program currently being implemented that will be able to connect students to tutors through their Canvas accounts.

Sumit Chaudhary is a senior Management Information Systems major who works at the Student Success Center as a chemistry supplemental instructor.

“SI is a program intended to help students with courses that have high drop rates,” Chaudhary said. “As an SI, I hold several supplemental instruction sessions and have office hours where I can assist the students with the notes I have taken from the class.”

The Student Success Center also offers help for students who are new to campus during orientation. Aaron Smith, a junior Culinary Arts major, is an orientation leader for the student success center.

“When it comes time for orientation, we give campus tours, presentations about what The W is about, as well as different parts of the college like the Nursing department or Business and Professional Studies,” Smith said.

If you are looking for the Student Success Center, it can be located on the first floor of Reneau Hall and can be reached on the official MUW website under academics. It can also be reached by email at