Old and new sports stir excitement

Casanda Anderson

Senior Reporter

After 15 years, sports have finally returned to The W. Coaches from various states are happy to be a part of this historical moment.

Coach Roxanne Hernandez, originally from Long Island, N.Y., is the head volleyball coach. Hernandez chose volleyball over basketball and started playing volleyball when she was in the seventh grade. She continued playing from middle school to college.

“I feel in love with it, and I kept up with it,” said Hernandez.

Besides being head coach, Hernandez’s other coaching experiences include assistant coaching positions and graduate assistant coaching.

Hernandez and her team are excited to have volleyball at The W, and they are ready for the season to start.  

Other fall sports at the W include men’s soccer, coached by Tim Gould, and men’s and women’s cross country teams, coached by Morgan Turnipseed.  

In the spring, baseball will make its debut on campus. Matt Wolfenbarger is the head coach, and Ben Russell is the assistant coach.

Wolfenbarger is from Alabama and he likes to hunt, fish, coach and help with the other sports and support them.

“I am very humbled to be a part of bringing men sports to the campus,” said Wolfenbarger.

Wolfenbarger said he gained an interest in baseball when he was first able to hold a bat and ball, and he has loved the sport ever since.

He played on a Little League team when he was 5, and he played baseball from high school to college.

“I pitched and played third in high school, and in college I just pitched,” said Wolfenbarger.

After Wolfenbarger won two championships, second then fifth in the nation, complications from knee surgery from high school and college halted his game. He decided to pursue a degree in education and became a baseball coach so that he could still be involved with the sport.