ISA and NSA showcase international student talent

Lauren Trimm

News Editor

MUW’s International Student Association and Nepalese Student Association presented International Night on April 5.

The presentation showcased the talents of students, community members and faculty of different nationalities through song, dance and a fashion show. 

Urusha Silwal, president of ISA, and Shristi Dhakal, president of NSA, worked with a committee to present the event. 

“As president, me and Urusha oversaw the things and made sure that everything was going right and smooth,” said Dhakal.

A lot of time and effort went into keeping the dances as authentic as possible.

“There was one dance, a dhimal dance,” said Dhakal. “It was from Nepal and it was a dance which had never been performed on campus before so we didn’t have any costumes or anything like that and we just came up with the idea and we made all the jewelry and costumes.”

Arpana Upadhyay acted as Master of Ceremonies and performed a belly dancing piece.

“For me, it showed the cultural diversity that the campus has,” said Upadhyay. “Every day we see so many different people, but we don’t really know where they come from, what traditions that they have.”

Dr. Agnes Carino, mathematics professor, sang and played guitar alongside her two daughters.

“This one was more special than the previous ones just because I shared my battle with cancer,” said Dr. Carino.

Dhakal liked the turnout.

“The response we got from the audience was just amazing and people loved it,” said Dhakal. “This year, we had the greatest turnout so far.”