W hosts first ever “Music by Women” festival on campus

Jessica McHenry


The W’s music department hosted “Music by Women” in the Connie Sills Kossen Auditorium to pay tribute to women in the music industry everywhere.

“This is the inaugural festival that is dedicated to highlighting the contribution to women composers throughout history to classical music,” said Dr. Julia Mortyakova, artistic director of the festival and chair of the Department of Music.

The W invited people from all over the country to attend.

 “We have Pennsylvania, Illinois, Massachusetts, Arizona, everywhere,” said Mortyakova.

Several composers and attendees commended Mortyakova on her work to organize and pull together this event.

“Women composers have historically been in the shadows and the sidelines. Sometimes completely blocked off from opportunities,” said Mary Alice Rich, a composer from Dallas, Texas.

This event recruited volunteers, faculty and students from all over the country to come together to play musical pieces by women or to work at the event by greeting audience members and helping composers and performers.

 “It makes me feel really good to help. I appreciate music a lot more as well as appreciate the female composers and everything that women can do to contribute to the music world,” said KevinAnthony Carroll, student worker at the Music by Women festival.

Mortyakova said she plans to bring the festival back next year. Flyers will be posted around the school and emails will be sent to students and faculty. Everyone is encouraged to attend.