Alumni, W celebrate past, present, future with 2017 Homecoming festivities

Briana Rucker


An important celebration is taking place at Mississippi University for Women this weekend.

Homecoming is a valued event on campus, as alumni and current students unite to enjoy festivities and cherish traditions. Laura Tubb Prestwich, an alumna from the graduating class of 2008, expressed what homecoming at The W means to her.

“I think what makes our homecoming different, special or unique is that we’re a small campus. When we come back for homecoming, it’s like everybody’s coming home for a family reunion,” said Prestwich. 

“Even if you didn’t graduate in the same class, even if you weren’t in the same social clubs. I spend the whole weekend of homecoming bumping into people I was on campus with, had class with, worked at The Spectator with, it’s just like coming home.”

Prestwich is the fifth person in her family to attend The W. She grew up hearing about the traditions and superstitions. Her favorite memory is meeting her husband in their physics class. She said the rich history is what attracted her to the university.

Toya McQueen, who serves with the Resident Hall Association and helped coordinate this year’s Homecoming Court, agreed.

“With people coming back, you get a really great sense of what The W used to be like in the ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s, ‘90s and so on. It’s really important to know what has happened and where things are going in the future,” said McQueen.

Homecoming will launch Thursday with the Homecoming Court presentation at 4 p.m. in the W Room of Hogarth Student Center. There is a plethora of festivities planned, including a Sing and Swing Golf Tournament, Motown Experience concert, Black Alumni Reunion and the Golden Girls Alumni Lunch.

“My favorite event at homecoming is always the Golden Girls Lunch. And this year, the Golden Girl class is 1967,” said Lyndsay Cumberland, director of Alumni Relations. “The reason that it is my favorite event is because the class members stand up and reminisce on their days at The W.”

There is a lot of planning that goes into homecoming for The W because it is a vital tradition on campus. Alumni look forward to reconnecting with old friends and creating new friendships while on campus as well.

The W invites you to celebrate the annual homecoming with festivities from March 23-26. A complete list of homecoming events can be found online at