Spectator Sound-Off: What do you think of the Freshmen Residency Program?

Takeisha King


Q: What do you think of the new Freshmen Residency Program?

“I don’t like it. I feel like if we’re here and we’re supposed to be treated like adults, we should be able to have freedom like adults.”
     -Rikki Garcia, nursing

“I don’t think that’s fair that they don’t get to choose whether they do or do not get to stay on campus.”    
     -Taaliyah Patton, elementary education

“It should be our option.”
     -Alexis Haldy, nursing

“I think they shouldn’t have to stay on campus, because some are not used to being away from home.”  
     -Brianna Plott, nursing

“I think it’s a good thing, especially if they stay far away from home. They should have a place to stay.”    
    -Fratoria Brown, culinary arts

“I have no problem staying on campus. It’s fun.”
     -JaQuan Snow, nursing

“It has its odds and ends. It can be OK sometimes.”
     -Tylethia Steele, nursing


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